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Title Non-interviews in Mobile Phone Surveys
Year 2005
Access date 28.04.2005

Paper addresses the issue of noncoverage and nonresponse patterns in mobile phone surveys. One aspect of this problem is the actual availability. Person may have a mobile device, but it can be most of the time turned off. We have similar situation also with fixed telephones: they may exist in households, however they are used only for the Internet access. Further specific are arising from the patterns of usage or from the corresponding attitudes of the users. Here, the main purpose of the paper is to identify the key segments of mobile phone users that have specific nonresponse behavior. The empirical data are based on Slovenian Labor Force Survey 2002-2004, where the fixed and mobile phone usage is systematically monitored. First, the apparent stagnation in the share of mobile-only household in 2004 (after the growth in 2003) is analyzed. Next, the experience with follow-up telephone surveys for later waves of LFS is studied: the persons that revealed the mobile phone are compared with the ones that revealed the fixed telephone. The differences compared to the corresponding experience from Scandinavian countries are discussed. Within the context of LFS, the frequency of mobile phone usage was analyzed with questions replicated in Slovenian LFS from the 2003 US Current Population Survey. Available comparisons are drawn. Finally, the key nonresponse segments are analyzed from a specially designed 2004 survey that studied the attitudes and usage patterns of mobile phone users.

Access/Direct link Conference program
Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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