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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Survey Automation through ActiveX components and XML Web Services
Author Segui, F.
Year 2005
Access date 17.05.2005

This Project aims to reach the automation of survey processing by an integral software application, focused on Total Quality Management. It seeks reduction of costs (time, human resources and stuff) and minimise reprocessing, tends to remove costs related with non-quality of productive process, simplifies survey questionnaires’ data sending-reading processes, and achieves surveys productive process integration. This software application tends to minimise these costs by simplifying certain processes: sending survey’s data questionnaires, collecting survey’s data questionnaires, reading survey’s data questionnaires and spreading survey’s final results by electronic means. This integral software application can be applied to all surveys producer organisations which want to decrease costs and simplify surveys processes focused on Total Quality Management.

Access/Direct link ISI 2005 homepage
Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations