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Title A Methodology for the Administration of a Web-Based Questionnarie
Author Antunes, M. J., Castro, E., Mealha, O.
Source Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 3, pp 639-643
Year 2003
Access date 16.04.2004
Abstract In recent years there was an increase in the number of Internet surveys, in particular those that use email and Web services, exploring their ability to reach many potential respondents, with reduced effort and low costs. In spite of increasing sophistication, it has been considered that the strategies and approaches implemented were not the most efficient. The low response rates in questionnaires show that the target group needs an extra stimulus to collaborate in these surveys. Taking this information into account a carefully planned strategy was developed, offering a new approach, that attracts target population attention, exploring Web potentialities. This paper presents the questionnaire methodology used in this survey.
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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