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Title Reasons for unit and partial nonresponse in Web surveys
Year 2002
Access date 19.04.2004
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Abstract Web surveys often suffer from the lowest nonresponse rates. In large part, this is due to sampling and solicitation problems associated with this specific survey mode. However, the mode itself can also generate specific reasons for unit and particularly for partial nonresponse (attrition, drop-out). In this study the nonresponse was studied for the informed respondents, e.g. for respondents who were aware of the invitation to the Web survey. The study was based on 5,000 telephone follow-up interviews with persons (respondents and also with nonrespondents) that were informed about the invitation for the participation in a specific RIS Web survey from Fall 2002. The reasons for unit nonresponse were analysed and compared with other survey modes. Next, the process of participation in Web survey was decomposed into stages. For each stage the reasons for the drop-out (attrition) were recorded and analysed across socio-demographic segments.
Year of publication2002
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