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Title List assisted Web surveys: quality, timeliness and nonresponse in the steps of the participation flow
Year 2002
Access date 21.04.2004
Abstract The debate on quality issues in Web surveys is open and lively. Data quality is required to satisfy the user needs. Improving the survey process quality is a precondition to have the product quality at an acceptable cost. This paper focuses on timeliness as a dimension of the quality of Web surveys and as a feature of the survey process competing with high response rate. The authors propose to identify several steps of the Web survey process and to dissect the final response rate into different components, one for each step. The aim of the research is to model the survival of the eligible respondents finding out which participants come farthest in the process of a Web survey. The analysis can help to concentrate the efforts to reduce non-response and to shorten the individual survey period length, developing also adequate weighting procedures for the collected data.
Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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