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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Web vs Mail Survey Response Rates: Comparisons for an High Education Population
Year 2002
Access date 04.05.2004
Abstract For the development of Web surveys is fundamental to understand: 1) features of subjects that prefer to complete a web vs paper questionnaire; 2) if exists an increasing trend of web vs mail response rate due to the spread of Internet users. A longitudinal survey on Pisa University graduates started in 1997, in order to follow up destinations after leaving the university. Since 1998 graduates can choose between web and paper questionnaire; we have available, therefore, data from a high education population, with known characteristics (both individual and academic career, as economical level and place of residence, years of education of parents, subject area of degree, gender, time spent in obtaining degree, age at degree and so on). Each graduate can update her/his data whenever she/he wants, furthermore she/he receives an update request once a year. Graduates have high motivation to answer, because data obtained are used for the job placement office (named Diogene) of Pisa University. We are able to compare characteristics of three groups of graduates (survey respondents using Web questionnaire; survey respondents using paper questionnaire; survey nonrespondents) and to analyse time trends of response rates from 1998 to 2001, with the aim of identifying which variables (if any) are correlated with Web questionnaire use.
Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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