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Title Evaluating Unit nonresponse Rates in Web Surveys - A Meta Study
Author Vehovar, V., Lozar Manfreda, K., Koren, G., Dolničar, V.
Year 2003
Access date 07.05.2004
Abstract Many studies have already compared the unit response rates of Web surveys with other survey modes. In general, the findings were not favorable for Web surveys; however, there existed a considerable ambiguity in these comparisons. Very often inadequate circumstances were elaborated for each of the cases included. As a consequence, insufficient control existed for more reliable conclusions.
In this paper an exhaustive review of response rates from most of the publicly reported Web surveys is presented. Next, the specific surveys –with the requirements that enable comparisons – were included into quantitative analysis. The findings and the inference procedures themselves are then compared to the meta-studies with other survey modes (particularly the classics from the 80’s). The results are also compared with the final research report of the WebSM study performed in 2001, where a survey on non-response was performed among professionals conducting Web surveys. There the components of Web surveys that affect the response rate were evaluated in more controlled settings.
Additionally, a conceptual warning is presented which should be considered when comparing the response rates in Web surveys. First, in the case of Web surveys, the mode of data collection stage must be carefully separated from the solicitation stage. Only the former actually determines the Web survey mode, while the solicitation can be performed in a variety of other ways. This distinction is not so essential with other survey modes since data collection and solicitation were usually integrated in one mode and in one stage. Second, in the case of Web surveys, the overall costs and errors can no longer be eliminated when response rates are compared. Despite lower response rates, we get lower mean squared error and lower costs.
Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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