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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Print versus electronic surveys: a comparison of two data collection methodologies
Author Boyer, K. K., Olson, J., Calantone, R. J., Jackson, E. C.
Source Journal of Operations Management, 20, 4, pp.357–373
Year 2002
Database ScienceDirect
Access date 07.05.2004
Abstract This paper compares the responses of consumers who submitted answers to a survey instrument focusing on Internet purchasing patterns both electronically and using traditional paper response methods. The results of a controlled experiment within a larger data collection effort are presented. The same survey instrument was completed by 416 Internet customers of a major office supplies company, with approximately 60% receiving the survey in paper form and 40% receiving the electronic version. The findings suggest that electronic surveys are generally comparable to print surveys in most respects, but that there are a few key advantages and challenges that researchers should evaluate. Notably, the sample indicates that electronic surveys have fewer missing responses and can be coded/presented in a more flexible manner that offers researchers new capabilities.
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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeJournal article