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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Preferences and social contacts in an online community
Author Adamic, L. A.
Year 2003
Access date 10.05.2004
Abstract We explore an online community at a private US university with over 2,600 members. A web-based system provides users with e-mail, web diaries (blogs), customized event announcements, chat, matchmaking, and other services. In signing up for the service students fill out various surveys and indicate which other users are friends. Students specify demographic information (year of study, gender, department, and sidence), as well as selecting other features (e.g. self descriptions, what they look for in relationships, preferences in literature, music, movies, etc.). Beyond enabling the basic services, the data collected can be used to understand, in considerable detail, various aspects of the student
social network. We study the relationships between attributes as well as the likelihood that those users who share a particular attribute are connected. We find, for example, that team sports are more influential in forming friendships than individual sports and users who place an emphasis on socializing preferentially associate with each other. In general, we find a correlation between the number of users sharing an attribute and how likely those users are to be connected. For example the small number of users who like anime (Japanese animation) movies are more connected than the large population that likes comedies.
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations