Name 23rd ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design (RQD 2017)
Organized by International Society of Science and Applied Technologies (ISSAT)
Where Chicago,USA
From 03.08.2017
To 05.08.2017

Authors are invited to submit full manuscripts by February 15, 2017 to Conference Secretary at Papers must be original and have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. All submitted papers will be reviewed for merit and contents.
Topics of Interest: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Concurrent Engineering and Design, Data Collection and Analysis, Data Computing, Data Mining and Analytics, Design Issues in Manufacturing, Engineering Design Optimization, Experimental Design for Quality Control, Fault Tolerance, Human Factors and Reliability, Life Testing, Maintainability and Availability, Methodologies for Quality Control, Modeling Analysis and Simulation, Network Reliability, Optimization, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Performance Analysis, Process Control and Management, Quality Assurance and Cost Issues, Quality Engineering, Quality Planning and Measurements, Reliability, Reliability Modeling and Testing, Risk Assessment Modeling, Robust Design, Security Analytics, Safety Critical and High Assurance Systems, Service Sciences, Software and Algorithms, Software Reliability and Testing, Statistical Approaches in Reliability, Survival Data Analysis, Total Quality Management Techniques.