Title Statistics of WebSM bibliography database (Release date: January 15th, 2017)
Author(s) Vehovar, V.

The core mission of WebSM is to provide information and resources related to web survey methodology. Besides related news and information about scientific and professional events, web survey bibliography is especially important, and at the beginning of 2014 the website’s database included 8,323 authors and 6,890 bibliographic entries. The scholarly entries amount to 2,888 out of 6,890 entries, the remaining entries belonging predominantly to various conference materials, proceedings and other documents. As for authors, 4,741 out of 8,323 contributed some scholarly input. 
Since 1998 WebSM has regularly and systematically reviewed its list of key bibliographic sources (in 2014 it contains 100 entries) in order to build its network of authors and bibliographic entries. In addition, WebSM also maintains a list of web survey software with more than 350 active entries with information about their vendors and features, and a list more than 100 blogs related to survey methodology. In this supplement to Chapter 6, we provide an overview of the WebSM bibliography database and discuss the authorship network that can be observed from its resources.