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Comprehensive and thoughtful! Those two words beautifully describe this terrific book. Internet surveys will be at the centre of survey research for many decades to come, and this book is a must-read handbook for anyone serious about doing online surveys well or using data from such surveys.  No stone is left unturned - the authors address every essential topic and do so with a remarkable command of the big picture and the subtleties involved. Readers will walk away with a clear understanding of the many challenges inherent in conducting online studies and with an appropriate sense of optimism about the promise of the methodology and how best to implement it.
-- Jon Krosnick
-- Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, Stanford University


The authors guide us through the whole survey process and include modern developments, such as paradata and mobile surveys. A must-have for everyone planning an online survey.
-- Edith de Leeuw
-- MOA professor of survey methodology, Utrecht University


Read on and pick from the basket of useful pieces of advice that Mario Callegaro and his colleagues have put together! This is a very rich resource for practitioners and students within web survey methodology.

-- Ulf-Dietrich Reips
-- Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Konstanz


This is an excellent, academic standard, book that every serious market researcher should own and consult. The authors have compiled an immense amount of useful and well-referenced information about every aspect of web surveys, creating an invaluable resource.
-- Ray Poynter
-- Managing Director, The Future Place


Recommended for anyone involved in or considering online surveys.
-- Ms Sandra Fleming
-- School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin


This is a useful book for anyone planning to undertake a web survey. The book provides a clear indication of the process although this is obviously written for the American market with some of the costs being identified in dollars.
-- Dr Helen Stoneley
-- Faculty of Education, Health, Sciences, Derby University


The book is useful for our students conducting the survey via the Internet with noting the techniques and limitations in data collection
-- Professor Wai-Kwok Benson Wong
-- Dept of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University


A practical and reliable guide to all the relevant research on web survey methodology
If you want a complete insight into all the best research on web survey methodology, this convenient volume is for you. Written by three of the most thoughtful academics in survey methodology, this book brings takes you through all the steps in preparing and conducting a web survey (as compared to traditional face-to-face, mail or telephone surveys). The book has European flavour and displays their deep knowledge of the challenges of working across languages and communities, a point that can be lacking in books from authors from the United States. The authors have extensive practical experience themselves, and are active participants in international surveys and the wider community of survey research. They are thorough in their use of references to the publish literature, but also aren't afraid to share practical tips - for example, in areas like the actual management of the pre-fielding, fieldwork and post-fielding stages. The checklist on p162 alone would justify the cost of the book for anyone who is contemplating moving an existing non-web survey to the web mode.
--Caroline Jarrett
--Effortmark Limited, United Kingdom

Their book takes the reader through the past fifteen years of research in Web survey research and methodology. It provides practical guidance on the current techniques for collecting valid and reliable data and offers a comprehensive overview of research issues. These include: preparation for questionnaire design; recruitment testing; data analysis; and survey software. These major topics are covered in a systematic and insightful way.
-- Karl M van Meter
-- Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique


The book shows nicely what to think about if you want to prepare a web survey and also how to do it.
-- Dr Paul Jimenez
-- Institut fur Psychologie, Karl-Farnzens-Universitat Graz

Important and helpful source for students who want to do online research for the course project
-- Dr Georg Christian Steckenbauer
-- Tourism and Leisure Management, IMC Fachhochschule Krems

I'm adopting this important resource as a recommended material for web surveys in digital enterprise architecture.
-- Professor Alfred Zimmermann
-- Faculty of Informatics, Reutlingen University of Applied Sci

This book is a very extensive document and helps students to get into the field and also practitioners who want to know more about certain topics. It covers the start and design of a web survey and also the practical aspects one has to include to reach a successful online survey.
-- Dr Paul Jimenez
-- Institut fur Psychologie, Karl-Farnzens-Universitat Graz

A very concise book offering students guidance into contemporary research areas
-- Mr Shelton Giwa
-- Dpt of Strategic Management & Marketin, De Montfort University