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Lessons learned: Converting a telephone... Roe, D. J., Stockdale, J., Farrelly, M., Heinrich, T. International Field Directors and Technologies Conference 2007

PDF (189 kb)

Modes, trends, and content: A comparison... Weir, D. CenterData Workshop: Measurement and experimentation with Internet panels. The state of the art of Internet interviewing 2007
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Pilot study to recruite a sample for an... Scherpenzeel, A. European survey research associaton conference 2007, ESRA, Prague 2007
Reconstructing childhood health histories... Smith, J. P. CenterData Workshop: Measurement and experimentation with Internet panels. The state of the art of Internet interviewing 2007
Sampling for web surveys Rivers, D. Joint Statistical Meetings 2007, section on Survey Research Methods 2007

PDF (203 kb)

The case for publishing (some) online polls... Taylor, H. 2007
The impact of cookie deletion on the accuracy... Abraham, Ma., Meierhoefer, C., Lipsman, A. Comscore 2007
What is Sexual Harassment? It Depends on... Galesic, M., Tourangeau, R. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 21, 2, pp. 189-202 2007

pdf (356 KB)


Panel Quality: Tips to Achieve Pure Sample... Fitzgerald, D. GMI 2007
Propensity Score Adjustment as a Weighting... Lee, Su. Journal of Official Statistics, 22, 2, pp. 329-349 2006

PDF (304 KB)

Weighting an Internet Panel Survey on Drug... Gordek, H., Williams, Ri. L., Dai, L. Joint Statistical Meetings 2006 2006
Greenfield unveils real-time sampling Research Live 2006
Sample matching. Representative sampling... Rivers, D. 2006

PDF (381 kb)

The anonymous elect. Market research through... Postoaca, A. 2006
The effect of conditioning when re-interviewing... Cartwright, T., Nancarrow, C. Panel research 2006, ESOMAR 2006
Understanding people. Sample matching Rivers, D. 2006

PDF (382 kb)

Web 2.0 & panels. The shift from lectures... Cook, M., Buckley, N. ESOMAR, Panel research 2006 2006
Dutch Online Panel Comparison Study (NOPVO... R. van Ossenbruggen; T. Vonk; P. Willems 2006
Panel proliferation and quality concerns Faasse, J. ESOMAR (2005): Worldwide Panel Research Conference 2005

PDF (74,8 kb)

Satisficing behavior in online panelists Downes-Le Guin, T. MRA Annual Conference 2005
The professional respondent problem in online... Fulgoni, G. Market Research Association annual conference 2005
Determinanten der Rücklaufquote in Online... Batanic, B., Moser, K. Zeitschrift für Medienpsychologie, 17, 2, pp. 64-74 2005
Statistical Estimation Methods in Volunteer... Lee, Su. Digital Repository at the University of Maryland 2004

pdf (4403k)

Response and Field Period Effects: The Effect... Basso Larsen, R., Rathod, S. Bloomerce 2004

pdf (149k)

Conducting longitudinal studies Bauer, K. W. New Directions for Institutional Research, 121, pp. 75-90 2004

pdf (82 KB)

Doec propensity score weighting work for... Forsman, G., Varedian, M. Web survey Workshop and Symposium, 2002 2002
Predicting the future of consumer panels Wansink, B., Sudman, S. Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 9, 4, pp. 301-311 2002

PDF (174 kb)

On-line qualitative market research: Interviewing... Scholl, N., Mulders, S., Drent, R. Qualitative Market Research, 5, 3, pp. 210-223 2002

PDF (1,34 mb)

Panel Bias from Attrition and Conditioning... Clinton, J. D. The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 56th Annual Conference, 2001 2001

Pdf (176 kb)

Ethische Dimensionen der Online-Forschung... Dzeyk, W. Kölner psychologische Studien 2001

pdf (138 KB)

A tale of two questionnaires Cape, P., Lorch, J., Piekarski, L.Cape, P. J. Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section, American Statistical Association, 1995 1995
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