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pdf (98 KB)

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pdf (972 KB)

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pdf (281 KB)

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pdf (157 KB)

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pdf (223 KB)

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pdf (170 KB)

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pdf (239 KB)

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pdf (1.363 KB)

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pdf (416 KB)

The Short-term Campaign Panel of the German... Steinbrecher, M., Rossmann, J. GESIS Technical Reports, 2013, 20 2013

pdf (2,13 MB)

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PDF (417 kb)

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pdf (2,36 MB)

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pdf (184 kb)

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pdf (711 kb)

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Eurobarometer Special surveys: Special Eurobarometer... European Commission 2012

PDF (7,24 mb)

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pdf (137 KB)

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pdf (2149 KB) - Journal

Web Survey Live Validations - What Are They... Crawford, S. D., McClain, C. The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 66th Annual Conference, 2011 2011
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pdf (222 kb)


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pdf (169 kb)

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pdf (715 kb)

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pdf (168 kb)

Current Projects at University of Ljubljana... Lozar Manfreda, K. 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011 2011

Pdf (80,3 kb)

The Evolution of Edits in the Canadian Census... Laroche, D. Work Session on Statistical Data Editing (2011) 2011

pdf (131 KB)

Eurobarometer Special surveys: EB75.1 E-... European Commission 2011

PDF (4,56 mb)

Households with Computers, Telephone Subscriptions... National telecommunications and information administration (NTIA) 2011
Just published: Forrester Wave™ of... McInnes, A. 2011
Online survey research: Findings, Best practices... ARF; Research Quality Forum 2011

PDF (1,1 mb)

Online survey research: Findings, best practices... Vannette, D. Advertising Research Foundation 2011

PDF (275 kb)

Inference in surveys with sequential mixed... Buelens, B., van der Brakel, J. Statistics Netherlands 2011

pdf (199 KB)

Less questions, more data: Revitalizing... Hartman, H. Print and digital research forum 2011

PDF (305 kb)

Inventory of published research: Response... Giesen, D. & Snijkers, G. (Eds.), Bavdaz, M., Bergstrom, Y., Gravem, D. F., Haraldsen, G., Hedlin, D., Loefgren, T., Mohoric Peternelj, P., Raymond-Blaess, V. BLUE-Enterprise and Trade Statistics (BLUE-ETS), SPI-Cooperation-Collaborative Project, European Commission, Grant Agreement Number 244767. 2011

pdf (2,84 MB)

Selection Bias in Web Surveys Bethlehem, J. International Statistical Review, 78, 2, pp. 161-188 2010

pdf (364 KB)

Using KnowledgePanel® to Improve the... Dennis, J. M., Peugh, J., Graham, P. Knowledge Networks 2010

pdf (51 KB)


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pdf (69 KB)

Potentials and Constraints of Propensity... Steinmetz, S., Tijdens, K. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2010 and The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 65th Annual Conference, 2010 2010
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pdf (478 kb)

Weighting Strategy for Understanding Society... Lynn, P., Kaminska, O. ESRC Working Paper Series 2010

pdf (170 kb)

Online panel survey , Change and stability... Research group on Democracy, Elections and Citizenship POLAT- CIS 2010

Pdf (205 kb)

Disclosure standards AAPOR - American Association for Public Opinion Research 2010
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PDF (1,1 mb)

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pdf (1843 k)

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