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Online panel survey , Change and stability... Research group on Democracy, Elections and Citizenship POLAT- CIS 2010

Pdf (205 kb)

Background - QSOAP Association of Market and Social Research Organisations 2011
Eurobarometer Special surveys: Special Eurobarometer... European Commission 2012

PDF (7,24 mb)

Eurobarometer Special surveys: EB75.1 E-... European Commission 2011

PDF (4,56 mb)

International Guidelines on Computer-Based... The International Test Commission - International Journal of Testing, 6, 2, pp. 143-171 2006
ISO 20252. Market, opinion and social research... International Organization for Standardization 2012
ISO 26362 Access panels in market, opinion... International Organization for Standardization 2009
MarketTools TrueSample MarketTools 2009

PDF (308 kb)

Mobile, webmail, desktops: Where are we... ReturnPath 2011

PDF (1,7 mb)

The impact of cookie deletion on site-server... Comscore 2011
ESS Standard for Quality Reports Eurostat 2009

pdf (217 KB)

ESS Handbook for Quality Reports Eurostat 2009

pdf (817 KB)

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems... International Organization for Standardization 2008
The world in 2013. ICT facts and figures ITU: International Telecommunication Union 2013

pdf (2.97 MB)

The impact of cookie deletion on the accuracy... Abraham, Ma., Meierhoefer, C., Lipsman, A. Comscore 2007
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PDF (264 kb)

Intra-individual variation of extreme response... Aichholzer, J. Social Science Research, 42, 3, pp. 957-950 2013

PDF (464 kb)

ESS Mixed Mode Experiment Results in Estonia... Ainsaar, M., Lilleoja, L., Lumiste, K., Roots, A. University of Tartu 2013

pdf (187 KB)

Survey errors and costs - comparison of... Ainsaar, M., Lumiste, K., Lilleoja, L., Roots, A. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Comparison of different mixed-mode and face... Ainsaar, M.; Hendrikson, R. European survey research associaton conference 2015, ESRA, Reykjavik 2015
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PDF (206 KB)

Knowledge of palliative care: An online... Al Qadire, M. Nurse Education Today 2013
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The impact of academic sponsorship on Web... Allen, P. J.; Roberts, L. D. First Monday, 21, 2 2016 pdf (473 KB)
The new swiss national readership survey... Amschler, H., Hoffmann, J. Print and digital research forum, WEMF 2013

PDF (239 kb)

Snap judgement polling Anderson, K., Wright, M., Wheeler, M. International Journal of Market Research, 53, 4, pp. 463-478 2011

pdf. (531KB)

Oversampling as a methodological strategy... Anderssen, N.; Malterud, K. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health; First Published July 4 2017 pdf 385 KB 
Website exit surveys. What can we measure... Andreadis, I. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Can timestamp analyses show the bottlenecks... Andreadis, I. Presented at Webdatanet-Wageindicator Workshop 2013 2013
Web Surveys Optimized for Smartphones: Are... Andreadis, I. methods, data, analyses, 9, 2, pp. 213-228 2015 PDF (691 KB)
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pdf (189 KB)

Exploring Factors in Contributing Student... Arifin, M. H. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 6, 1, pp. 29-34 2016

PDF (688 kb)

Evaluation of an Adapted Design in a Multi... Arn, B.; Klug, S.; Kolodziejski, J. methods, data, analyses 2015 PDF (2.7 MB)
Analyzing Functionalities for Online Questionnaire... Atown, H. Y. Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia 2012
Using Mobile Phones for High-Frequency Data... Azevedo, J. P.; Ballivian, A.; Durbin, W. In Toninelli, R., Pinter, R., de Padraza, P. (eds.). Mobile Research Methods: Opportunities and challenges of mobile research methodologies. London: Ubiquity Press. 2015 PDF (155 KB)
A Technical Guide to Effective and Accessible... Baatard, G. The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 10, 2 2016 pdf (372 KB)
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Differences between respondents and nonrespondents... Bandilla, W., Blohm, M., Kaczmirek, L. & Neubarth, W. European survey research associaton conference 2007, ESRA, Prague 2007
QRTEngine: An easy solution for running... Barnhoorn, J. S., Haasnoot, E., Bocanegra, B. R., van Steenbergen, H. Behavior Research Methods, November 2014 2014

pdf (896 KB)

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pdf (167 KB)

Response and Field Period Effects: The Effect... Basso Larsen, R., Rathod, S. Bloomerce 2004

pdf (149k)

Going Global: Issues in Applying Internet... Bauman, S., Jobity, N., Wilson, D., Atak, H., Deis, M., Airey, J. The American Association for () 56th Annual Conference, 2001, WAPOR 56th Annual Conference, 2003The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 56th Annual Conference, 2001 2001

pdf (407k)

The Methodological Issues Associated With... Beddows, E. International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society, 6, 2, pp. 124-139 2008

pdf (82 k)

Advancing the field of questionnaire translation... Behr, D., Dorer, B., Van Houten, G European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
A recipe for effective participation rates... Bennett, L., Nair, C. S. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, July, 2009 2009

PDF (78,7 kb)

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pdf (1.4 MB)

Identifying the Research Information Needs... Bolwell, C., Gray, Da., Reid, Ja. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 33, 9, pp. 690-696 2013
The Danish time use and consumption survey... Bonke, J. MESS Workshop 2008 2008
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pdf (76 k)

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pdf (201 KB)

The Effect Of A Simultaneous Mixed-Mode (... Brennan, M. ANZMAC 2005 Conference: Marketing Research and Research Metodologies 2005

PDF (43,0 KB)

640 Current trends in management of high... Briganti, A., Isbarn, H., Ost, P., Ploussard, G., Sooriakumaran, P., Van Den Bergh, R.C.N., Van Oort, I.M., Yossepowitch, O., Sedelaar, M., Giannarini, G. European Supplements, 13 ,1 2014
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pdf (442 kb)

How to Design a Web Survey Using Spring... Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ro.; Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ra. Annals of Annals of Annals of "Spiru Haret". Economic Series 2017 pdf 156 KB
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pdf (192 kb)

Internet Abusive Use Questionnaire: Psychometric... Calvo-Frances, F. Computers in Human Behaviour, 187-194 2016 pdf (397 KB)
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PDF (189 KB)

P02.04. Internet survey confirms strong... Carson, J., Bennett, R., Jones, K., Mist, S. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012

PDF (73,7 kb)

Blogosphere and Democracy in Portugal–... Carvalho, T., Casanova, J. L. XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology 2010

pdf (320 kb)

Beauty is more than screen deep: Improving... Casey, T. W., Poropat, A. Computers in Human Behaviour, 30, pp. 153–163 2014

PDF (835 KB)

Impact of mixed modes on measurement errors... Cernat, A. Survey Research Methods 2015

PDF (187KB)

Response-Order Effects in Likert-Type Scales... Chan, J. C. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 51, 3, pp. 531-540 1991

pdf (2,27 MB)

The association between online gaming, social... Chen, M.-H., Huang, P.-C., Bai, Y.-M., Wei, H.-T. BMC Psychiatry 2012

PDF (233 kb)

Realtime Interviewing Using the World Wide... Chen, Pe., Hilton, S. M. Sociological Research Online, 4, 3 1999

doc (244k)

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pdf (760 kb)

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PDF (255 kb)

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pdf (783 kb)


Perceptions of News Credibility about the... Choi, J. H., Watt, J. H., Lynch, M. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (JCMC), 12, 1 2006

PDF (183 KB)

Perceptions on developing clinical practice... Choi, J., Choi, T.-Y., A.; A., Yun, K.-J., A., Lim, H.-J., Lee, J. A., Lee, M. S. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 6, 2, pp. 156-163 2014

PDF (1,05 mb)

Mode and non-response effects and their... Chrysanthopoulos, S., Georgostathi, A. European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, 2012 2012

pdf (217 KB)

PhD Students’ Research Group Social... Coenders, G., Coromina, L., Ferligoj, A., Guia, J. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 137-155 2011

pdf (420 kb)

Preface Coenders, G., Doreian, P. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 115-119 2011

pdf (155 kb)

PhD Students’ Research Group Networks... Coromina, L., Capo, A., Coenders, G., Guia, J. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 173-189 2011

pdf (266 kb)

Is the Sky Falling? New Technology, Changing... Couper, M. P. Survey Research Methods, 7, 3; European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013

PDF (118 kb)

Advantages of a global multimodal print &... Cour, N., Saint-Joanis, G. Print and digital research forum 2013

PDF (644 kb)

Evaluating Arts-Based Cancer Education Using... Cueva, M., Cueva, K., Dignan, M., Lanier, A., Kuhnley, R. Journal of Cancer Education 2013
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pdf (136 KB)

Pre-Survey Text Messages (SMS) Improve Participation... Dal Grande, E.; Chittleborough, C. R.; Campostrini, S.; Dollard, M.; Taylor, A. W. PLOS one 2016 pdf (201 KB)
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pdf (1,22 MB)

Using mobile research to get to the heart... Day, D. Mobile Research Conference 2009 (MRC 2009) 2009
Non-Response in the Panel Study of Belgian... De Keulenaer, F. Universiteit Antwerpen 2007

pdf (2.45 MB)

Mode Effects in Mixed-Mode Surveys: Prevention... de Leeuw, E. D., Dillman, D. A., Schouten, B. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
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