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Response-Order Effects in Likert-Type Scales... Chan, J. C. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 51, 3, pp. 531-540 1991

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The top 10 FAQs about on-line research MacElroy, B. Quirk's Marketing Research Review, July 1998 1998

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doc (79k)

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doc (244k)

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Going Global: Issues in Applying Internet... Bauman, S., Jobity, N., Wilson, D., Atak, H., Deis, M., Airey, J. The American Association for () 56th Annual Conference, 2001, WAPOR 56th Annual Conference, 2003The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 56th Annual Conference, 2001 2001

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doc (377k)

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PDF (1,34 mb)

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pdf (511k)

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pdf (212k)

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pdf (231k)

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pdf (675k)

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pdf (296k)

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pdf (460k)

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pdf (149k)

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pdf (208k)

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PDF (43,0 KB)

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PDF (83,2 kb)

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PDF (183 KB)

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PDF (190 KB)

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pdf (140k)

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pdf (606 KB)

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pdf (753k)

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pdf (119 k)

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pdf (4.166 kb)

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PDF (522 kb)

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pdf (2.45 MB)

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pdf (76 k)

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pdf (166 k)

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pdf (149 k)

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pdf (82 k)

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pdf (152 k)

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pdf (1,09 MB)

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems... International Organization for Standardization 2008
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pdf (4.119 KB)

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pdf (97 k)

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pdf (85 k)

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pdf (70 k)

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pdf (244 k)

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pdf (210 k)

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