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Experiences with the online questionnaire... Kratka, J. Proceedings at the 19th Annual Conference of CERA (Czech Educational Research Association) 2011

pdf (198 kb)

Why do you play? The development of... Demetrovics, Z., Urbán, R., Nagygyörgy, K., Farkas, J., Zilahy, D., Mervó, B., Reindl, A., Agoston, C., Kertész, A., Harmath, E. Behavior Research Methods, 43, 3, pp. 814-825 2011

pdf (170 kb)

Development of a web-based survey system... Cho, Y., Han, S. H., Kang, S., Park, J. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 41, 3, pp. 247-254 2011

pdf (783 kb)


Estimation and Adjustment of Self-Selection... Niu, Ch. International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2015 (ICNAAM 2015) 2016
Impact of mixed modes on measurement errors... Cernat, A. Survey Research Methods 2015

PDF (187KB)

PC, phone or tablet? Use, preference and... Brosnan, K.; Gruen, B.; Dolnicar, S. International Journal of Market Research, 59, 1, pp. 35-55 2017
Smartphones vs PCs: Does the Device Affect... Toninelli, D.; Revilla, M. Survey Research Methods, 10, 2, pp. 153-169 2016 PDF (239 KB)
“Better do not touch” and other... Gajda, M.; Kamiñska-Winciorek, G.; Wydmañski, J.; Tukiendorf, A. Advances in Dermatology and Allergology; 33, 5, pp. 329-335 2016 pdf 179 KB
(Online) Access Panels: Types and Quality... Bosnjak, M. GESIS Omnibus Panel Mannheim, Germany; Netzwerktreffen 2012 2012
640 Current trends in management of high... Briganti, A., Isbarn, H., Ost, P., Ploussard, G., Sooriakumaran, P., Van Den Bergh, R.C.N., Van Oort, I.M., Yossepowitch, O., Sedelaar, M., Giannarini, G. European Supplements, 13 ,1 2014
A case study of an on-line auction for the... Tjostheim, I., Eide, J.-O. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism, 1998 1998

doc (79k)

A Comparison of CAPI and PAPI through a... De Weerdt, J. European survey research associaton conference 2011, ESRA, Lausanne 2011
A comparison of data quality and practicality... King, M. T., Butow, P., Olver, I., Smith, A. B. Psycho-Oncology, 22, 1, pp. 233-237 2013

pdf (156 kb)

A Comparison of Internet-Based Participant... Temple, E. C., Brown, R. F. Journal of Research Practice, 7, 2 2011


A comparison of surveys using different... Revilla, M., Saris, W. E. Seminars series on New Directions in Survey Research, May 2010, Session 3 2010

doc (2,05 MB)

A Comparison of the Effects of Face-to-Face... Triantafillidou, A.; Yannas, P.; Lappas, G.; Kleftodimos, A. International Conference on e-Democracy - Citizen Rights in the World of the New Computing Paradigms, 2015 2015
A Comparison of the Quality of Questions... Revilla, M., Saris, W. E. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 25, 2, p. 242-253 2013

pdf (156 kb)

A Framework of Incorporating Thai Social... Jiamthapthaksin, R.; Aung, T. H.; Ratanasawadwat, N. Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016 2016
A Method for Evaluating Mode Effects in... Vannieuwenhuyze, J., Loosveldt, G., Molenberghs, G. Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ), 74, 5, pp. 1027-1045 2011

pdf (137 KB)

A method to evaluate mode effects on the... Vannieuwenhuyze, J. T. A., Loosveldt, G., Molenberghs, G. International Statistical Review, 80, 2, pp. 306–322 2012
A mixed methods approach to investigate... Padilla, J. L., Miller, K., Loeb, M. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
A mixed-methods study on perceptions towards... Addissie, A., Davey, G., Newport, M. J., Addissie, T., MacGregor, H., Feleke, Y., Farsides, B. BMC Medical Ethics, 15, pp. 35 2014

PDF (264 kb)

A national Internet survey on rapid sequence... Guneysel, O., Onur, O. E., Akoglu, H., Eroglu, S., Denızbası, A. International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 1, 4, pp. 297-300 2008
A new online building survey system Wang, Yic. Presented at: 2011 International Conference on Computer and Network Technology (ICCSNT) 2011
A recipe for effective participation rates... Bennett, L., Nair, C. S. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, July, 2009 2009

PDF (78,7 kb)

A review of methods for measuring willingness... Breidert, C. et al. Innovative Marketing, 2, 4 2006

pdf (201 KB)

A Statistical Approach to Provide Individualized... Esponda, F.; Huerta, K.; Guerrero, V. M. PLOS one, 11, 1 2016 pdf (2.1 MB)
A streamlined approach to online linguistic... Erlewine, M. Y.; Kotek, H. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 34, 2, pp. 481-495 2016 PDF (839 KB)
A Technical Guide to Effective and Accessible... Baatard, G. The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 10, 2 2016 pdf (372 KB)
A very low response rate in an on-line survey... Aitken, C., Power, R., Dwyer, R. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 32, 3, pp. 288-289 2008
Administered versus self-administered online... de Rada, V. D. Revista Espanola de Investigaciones Sociologicas, 136, pp. 49-90 2011
Advancing the field of questionnaire translation... Behr, D., Dorer, B., Van Houten, G European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Advantages of a global multimodal print &... Cour, N., Saint-Joanis, G. Print and digital research forum 2013

PDF (644 kb)

Affective dimensions of Internet culture King, A. B. Social Science Computer Review, 19, 4, pp. 414-430 2001

pdf (123 KB)

African-American breast cancer survivors... Paxton, R., Nayak, P., Taylor, W., Chang, S., Courneya, K., Schover, L., Hodges, K., Jones, L. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 8, 11, pp. 31-38 2014
An Analyze of the Zero Price Effect on Online... Liu, Y., Yuan, P. Proceedings at 2010 International Conference of Information and Management Engineering 2010

pdf (236 kb)

An evaluation of the weighting procedures... Loosveldt, G., Sonck, N. Survey Research Methods, 2, 2, pp. 93 - 105 2008

pdf (149 k)

An experiment comparing grids and item-by... Revilla, M.; Toninelli, D.; Ochoa, C. Telematics and Informatics, 34, 1, pp. 30-42 2016 pdf (346 KB)
An Experimental Investigation of Mode Effects... Vereczkei, Z. NTTS 2011 - New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2011

pdf (74 kb)

An imputation approach for analyzing mixed... Kim, J. K., Park, Se., Kim, S. Y. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
An Internet-based Study on Coping with Illness... Setz, J., König, D., Kryspin-Exner, I. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2009 2009
An investigation of the effect of lotteries... Heerwegh, D. Field Methods, 8, 2, pp. 205-220 2006

pdf (121 kb)

An Iranian Experience of Internet Surveys... Khoshgooyanfard, A. R. Journal of Website Promotion, 3, 1 & 2, pp. 14 - 24 2008
An Online Study on Coping with Anxiety and... König, D., Hiebler, C., Kryspin-Exner, I. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2009 2009
An overview of Internet-based surveys in... Hung, K., Law, R. Tourism Management, 32, 4, pp. 717-724 2011

pdf (246 KB)


Analysis of coverage bias for the implementation... de Pedraza, P., Serrano, F. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Analysis of Urban Public Tran sit Information... Hou, X., Chen, X. Social and Behavioral Sciences, 96, pp. 1522-1527 2013

PDF (244 kb)

Analyzing Functionalities for Online Questionnaire... Atown, H. Y. Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia 2012
Analyzing Survey Characteristics, Participation... Revilla, M. methods, data, analyses; 11, 2, pp. 135-162 2017 pdf 831 KB 
Answering Without Reading: IMCs and Strong... Anduiza, E.; Galais, C. International Journal of Public Opinion Research; 29, 3, pp. 497-519 2017
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Askito: An open source
 Web questionnaire... Reips, U.-D., Heilmann, T. Universität Zürich. 2013
Assessing data quality with time measurements... Lumiste, K. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Assessing the Effects and Effectiveness... Vannette, D. The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 71st Annual Conference, 2016 2016
Australia: building a 21st century readership... Green, A., White, H. Print and digital research forum 2013

PDF (716 kb)

Background - QSOAP Association of Market and Social Research Organisations 2011
Beauty is more than screen deep: Improving... Casey, T. W., Poropat, A. Computers in Human Behaviour, 30, pp. 153–163 2014

PDF (835 KB)

Blogosphere and Democracy in Portugal–... Carvalho, T., Casanova, J. L. XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology 2010

pdf (320 kb)

Boosting Web pick-up Rates by referring... Falnes-Dalheim, E., Haraldsen, G., Sundvoll, A. European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, 2012 2012

pdf (140 KB)

Bringing data from an online survey or spreadsheet... Raftery, D. Statistics (NDLR) 2012

pdf (409 kb)

Build your own social network laboratory... Garaizar, P., Reips, U.-D. Behavior Research Methods, 46, 2, pp. 430-8 2014

pdf (759 KB)

Can a non-probabilistic online panel achieve... Revilla, M.; Saris, W. E.; Loewe, G.; Ochoa, C. International Journal of Market Research, 57, 3, pp. 395-412 2015

PDF (243 KB)

Can a professional questionnaire layout... Keusch, F., Mayerhofer, W., Jungreithmaier, S., Weilbuchner, N., Fuehrer, R., Kling, H. Presented at: General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2010 2010
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Can online panels be truly global? Shashkin, A. V. ESOMAR Congress 2008 2008
Can Student Populations in Developing Countries... Langer, A., Meuleman, B., Oshodi, A.-G. T., Schroyens, M. Field Methods, Published online before print October 19, 2016 2016 pdf (228 KB)
Can timestamp analyses show the bottlenecks... Andreadis, I. Presented at Webdatanet-Wageindicator Workshop 2013 2013
Can we augment web responses with telephonic... du Toit, J. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 2015

PDF (322 KB)

Cell Phone and Face-to-face Interview Responses... Ghandour, L.; Ghandour, B.; Mahfoud, Z.; Mokdad, A.; Sibai, A. M. Bulletin of Sociological /Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 2015
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Classic Inspirations for Social Research... Jerabek, H. WAPOR 64th Annual Conference, 2011 2011

pdf (396 KB)

Clustering of Categorical Data by Assigning... Patnaik, S. K., Sahoo, S., Swain, D. K. International Journal of Computer Applications, 43, 2, pp. 1-3 2012

pdf (456 KB)

Collecting data electronically from enterprises... Keating, J., Portillo, S. Fourth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (ICES IV) 2012

pdf (215 kb)

Collecting Data from mHealth Users via SMS... Johnson, D. Survey Practice, 9, 1 2016 pdf (645 KB)
Collecting information with Knowledge technologies... Foulonneau, M. 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011 2011

Pdf (1,09 mb)

College Students' Response Rate to an Incentivized... Balajti I., Daragó, L., Ádány, R., Kósa, K. Evaluation & the Health Professions, 33, 2, pp. 164-176 2010
Color red in web-based knowledge testing Gnambs, T., Batinic, B., Appel, Ma. Computers in Human Behaviour, 26, 6, pp. 1625-1631 2010

pdf (260 KB)

Combining Link-Tracing Sampling and Cluster... Félix-Medina, M. H., Monjardin, P. E. Journal of Official Statistics, 26, 4, pp. 603-631 2010

pdf (226 KB)

Comparability of substantive results between... Pekari, N. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Comparability of web and telephone surveys... Sarracino, F.; Riillo, C. F. A.; Mikucka, M. Journal of the European Survey Research Association; 11, 2, pp. 141-169 2017 pdf (305 KB)
Comparative analysis of a mobile device... Kim, K. J.; Bae, S.; Park, E. Universal Access in the Information Society, 2017, pp. 1-6 2017 PDF (479 KB)
Comparing online and telephone survey results... Hollier, L.P.; Pettigrew, S.; Slevin, T.; Strickland, M.; Minto, C. Journal of Public Health 2016 pdf (152 KB)
Comparing Questionnaire Pretesting Methods... Park, Y. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Comparing Seven Forms of Online Surveying... MacElroy, B. Quirk's Marketing Research Review, July 1999 1999

pdf (1.211 KB)

Comparison between Liss panel (web) and... Revilla, M., Saris, W. E. European survey research associaton conference 2009, ESRA, Warsaw 2009
Comparison of different mixed-mode and face... Ainsaar, M.; Hendrikson, R. European survey research associaton conference 2015, ESRA, Reykjavik 2015
Comparison of Internet and interview survey... Mjelde, J. W.; Kim, T. K.; Lee, C.-K. Applied Economics Letters, 23, 1, pp. 74-77 2015

PDF (639 KB)

Comparison of telephone RDD and online panel... Lee, C.-K.; Back, K.-J.; Williams, Ro. J.; Ahn, S.-S. 2015
Comparison of the quality estimates in a... Revilla, M. Quality and Quantity, June 2014 2014

pdf (429 KB)

Comparison of web-based versus paper-and... Wang, C.-C., Cheng, C.-L., Cheng, Y.-Y., Liu, K.-S. Computers in Human Behaviour, 29, 3, pp. 1007-1011 2013

pdf (281 kb)

Computer-Assisted Audio Recording (CARI):... Edwards, B., Hicks, W., Tourangeau, K., Harris-Kojetin, L., Moss, A. European survey research associaton conference 2009, ESRA, Warsaw 2009
Culturally-Related Response Styles for Attitude... Wang, Me. The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 70th Annual Conference, 2015 2015


Current Practices in Management of Hepatocellular... Kumar, A. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology 2014
Data Quality in PC and Mobile Web Surveys... Mavletova, A. M. Social Science Computer Review, 31, 6, p. 725-743 2013

pdf (254 KB)

Dealing with Nonresponse in Survey Sampling... Matei, A. COMPSTAT 2010 - 19th International Conference on Computational Statistics 2010

xps (340 kb)

Deformation analysis of the repeated positional... Milan, T. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 12, 3, pp. 567-575 2007
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pdf (460k)

Design and Implementation of an Online Questionnaire... Schaniel, R. Universität Zürich. 2014

pdf (295 KB)

Design and test of a web-survey for collecting... Vieira, A.; Oliveira, M. D.; Nunes, T.; Stilwell, G. Applied Animal Behaviour, 158, pp. 52-58 2016 PDF (190 KB)
Determinants of online political participation... Bosnjak, M., Galesic, M., Klicek, B. F., Journal for General Social Issues, 4-5, pp. 747-769 2008

pdf (76 k)

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