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Effects of Forced Responses and Question... Tangmanee, C.; Niruttinanon, P. 2015

PDF (747 KB)

Comparison of telephone RDD and online panel... Lee, C.-K.; Back, K.-J.; Williams, Ro. J.; Ahn, S.-S. 2015
The use and positioning of clarification... Metzler, A., Kunz, T., Fuchs, M. 2016 pdf (257 KB)
The use of paradata to investigate non-response... Vicente, P. 1st Southern European Conference on Survey Methodology (SESM) and VI Congreso de Metodología de Encuestas 2013
Quality of Web surveys Revilla, M. 1st Southern European Conference on Survey Methodology (SESM) and VI Congreso de Metodología de Encuestas 2013
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Web Survey Gamification - Increasing Data... Schacht, S.; Keusch, F.; Bergmann, N.; Morana, S. 25th European Conference on Infrmation System (ECIS), 2017 2017 pdf (649 KB)
Collecting information with Knowledge technologies... Foulonneau, M. 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011 2011

Pdf (1,09 mb)

Romanian financing opportunities for the... Moga, L. 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011 2011

Pdf (292 kb)

The optimal number of response options in... Thorsdottir, F. 2nd Webdatanet MC & WGs meeting, Amsterdam 30th November - 2 December 2011 2011

Pdf (364 kb)

Facial imaging: The new face of online survey... Gordon, A., McCallum, D., Sorci, M., Llewellyn, T. 3D Digital Dimensions 2011 (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research 2011
Reality check in the digital age: The relationship... Hofmeyr, J., Louw, A. 3D Digital Dimensions 2012 (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research 2012
Promoting Internet surveys and respondent... Cunha, C., dos Santos, P. S., Goulão, C., Leal, J. F. 56th Session of the ISI 2007
The “Frequency Divide” on Web... Reis, E., Vicente, P. 58th Session of the ISI 2011 2011

pdf (38 kb)

Factors affecting the decision to participate... Lee, Eu., Kim, Su. 59th ISI World Statistics Congress 2013 2013

pdf (243 KB)

Experiences with mixed mode mail & web-enqu... Kalgraff Skjak, K., Kolsrud, K. 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 2011
Utilizing Web Technology in Business Data... Snijkers, G., Haraldsen, G., Stax, H.-P. 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 2011
Website exit surveys. What can we measure... Andreadis, I. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Presidential Elections in Iceland 2012 &#... Jonsdottir, G. A., Dofradottir, A. G., Bjornsdottir, A. E. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Analysis of coverage bias for the implementation... de Pedraza, P., Serrano, F. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Psychometric properties of an internet administered... Vesteinsdottir, V., Reips, U.-D., Joinson, A. N., Porsdottir, F. 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 2012
Sensitive topics in PC Web and mobile web... Mavletova, A. M., Couper, M. P. 6th Mess Workshop 2012
Use of a website to evaluate quality of... Dupuis, G. 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, 2008 2008
Experiences in e-survey development for... Scornavacca Jr., E., Becker, J. L., Barnes, S. 7th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, 10-13 July 2003, Adelaide, South Australia 2003

pdf (212k)

Deformation analysis of the repeated positional... Milan, T. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 12, 3, pp. 567-575 2007
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Some Notes on the Probability Space of Statistical... Petrakos, G. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 7, 1, pp. 17-23 2010

pdf (65 KB)

Preface Coenders, G., Doreian, P. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 115-119 2011

pdf (155 kb)

PhD Students’ Research Group Social... Coenders, G., Coromina, L., Ferligoj, A., Guia, J. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 137-155 2011

pdf (420 kb)

PhD Students’ Research Group Networks... Coromina, L., Capo, A., Coenders, G., Guia, J. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 173-189 2011

pdf (266 kb)

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PDF (203 KB)

The Power of Partisanship in Brazil: Evidence... Samuels, D., Zucco, C. American Journal of Political Science, 58, 1, pp. 212-225 2014

PDF (255 kb)

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How to Design a Web Survey Using Spring... Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ro.; Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ra. Annals of Annals of Annals of "Spiru Haret". Economic Series 2017 pdf 156 KB
The Effect Of A Simultaneous Mixed-Mode (... Brennan, M. ANZMAC 2005 Conference: Marketing Research and Research Metodologies 2005

PDF (43,0 KB)

Design and test of a web-survey for collecting... Vieira, A.; Oliveira, M. D.; Nunes, T.; Stilwell, G. Applied Animal Behaviour, 158, pp. 52-58 2016 PDF (190 KB)
Comparison of Internet and interview survey... Mjelde, J. W.; Kim, T. K.; Lee, C.-K. Applied Economics Letters, 23, 1, pp. 74-77 2015

PDF (639 KB)

Facing The Future Webcams as a survey tool... Gordon, A., Llewellyn, T., Gu, E. Asia Pacific Conference 2012 2012
Can we augment web responses with telephonic... du Toit, J. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 2015

PDF (322 KB)

A recipe for effective participation rates... Bennett, L., Nair, C. S. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, July, 2009 2009

PDF (78,7 kb)

Background - QSOAP Association of Market and Social Research Organisations 2011
Twelve-month prevalence and predictors of... Kang, E. H., Kim, G. M., Hyun, M. K., Choi, S. M., Kim, J. M., Woo, J. M. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 49, 1, pp. 47-53 2015

PDF (771 kb)

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Why do you play? The development of... Demetrovics, Z., Urbán, R., Nagygyörgy, K., Farkas, J., Zilahy, D., Mervó, B., Reindl, A., Agoston, C., Kertész, A., Harmath, E. Behavior Research Methods, 43, 3, pp. 814-825 2011

pdf (170 kb)

Build your own social network laboratory... Garaizar, P., Reips, U.-D. Behavior Research Methods, 46, 2, pp. 430-8 2014

pdf (759 KB)

WEXTOR: A Web-based tool for generating... Reips, U.-D., Neuhaus, C. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 34, pp. 234-240 2002





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QRTEngine: An easy solution for running... Barnhoorn, J. S., Haasnoot, E., Bocanegra, B. R., van Steenbergen, H. Behavior Research Methods, November 2014 2014

pdf (896 KB)

Response and Field Period Effects: The Effect... Basso Larsen, R., Rathod, S. Bloomerce 2004

pdf (149k)

Inventory of published research: Response... Giesen, D. & Snijkers, G. (Eds.), Bavdaz, M., Bergstrom, Y., Gravem, D. F., Haraldsen, G., Hedlin, D., Loefgren, T., Mohoric Peternelj, P., Raymond-Blaess, V. BLUE-Enterprise and Trade Statistics (BLUE-ETS), SPI-Cooperation-Collaborative Project, European Commission, Grant Agreement Number 244767. 2011

pdf (2,84 MB)

P02.04. Internet survey confirms strong... Carson, J., Bennett, R., Jones, K., Mist, S. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012

PDF (73,7 kb)

A mixed-methods study on perceptions towards... Addissie, A., Davey, G., Newport, M. J., Addissie, T., MacGregor, H., Feleke, Y., Farsides, B. BMC Medical Ethics, 15, pp. 35 2014

PDF (264 kb)

Participation rates, response bias and response... Fekete, C.; Segerer, W.; Gemperli, A.; Brinkhof, M.W.G. BMC Medical Research 50,18 2015

pdf (1.3MB)

The effectiveness of recruitment strategies... Pit, S. W., Pyakurel, S., Vo, T. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 14, June, pp. 76 2014

pdf (434 KB)

Maximising response rates in household telephone... O'Toole, J., Sinclair, M., Leder, K. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 8, 71, pp. 1-5 2008

pdf (166 k)

The association between online gaming, social... Chen, M.-H., Huang, P.-C., Bai, Y.-M., Wei, H.-T. BMC Psychiatry 2012

PDF (233 kb)

Use of mobile devices to answer online surveys... Cunningham, J. A., Neighbors, C., Bertholet, N., Hendershot, C. S. BMC Research Notes, July 2013, 6, pp. 258 2013

pdf (136 KB)

Online Data Collection in Academic Research... Lefever, S., Dal, M., Matthiasdottir, A. British Journal of Educational Technology, 38, 4, pp. 574-582 2007
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pdf (760 kb)

Cell Phone and Face-to-face Interview Responses... Ghandour, L.; Ghandour, B.; Mahfoud, Z.; Mokdad, A.; Sibai, A. M. Bulletin of Sociological /Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 2015
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pdf (139 KB)

Likert Scales vs. Slider Scales in commercial... Dobronte, A. CheckMarket Blog, August 21st, 2012 2012
Dealing with Nonresponse in Survey Sampling... Matei, A. COMPSTAT 2010 - 19th International Conference on Computational Statistics 2010

xps (340 kb)

What are participants doing while filling... Stieger, S., Reips, U.-D. Computers in Human Behavior, 26, 6, pp. 1488-1495 2010

pdf (623 KB)

Internet Abusive Use Questionnaire: Psychometric... Calvo-Frances, F. Computers in Human Behaviour, 187-194 2016 pdf (397 KB)
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pdf (208k)

Color red in web-based knowledge testing Gnambs, T., Batinic, B., Appel, Ma. Computers in Human Behaviour, 26, 6, pp. 1625-1631 2010

pdf (260 KB)

Comparison of web-based versus paper-and... Wang, C.-C., Cheng, C.-L., Cheng, Y.-Y., Liu, K.-S. Computers in Human Behaviour, 29, 3, pp. 1007-1011 2013

pdf (281 kb)

Beauty is more than screen deep: Improving... Casey, T. W., Poropat, A. Computers in Human Behaviour, 30, pp. 153–163 2014

PDF (835 KB)

Validation of the new scale for measuring... Bodroza, B.; Jovanovic, T. Computers in Human Behaviour, 54, pp.425-435 2015

pdf (1.4 MB)

On-line life history calendar and sensitive... Morselli, D.; Berchtold, A.; Granell, J.-C. S.; Berchtold, And. Computers in Human Behaviour, 58, pp. 141-149 2016 pdf (1.1 MB)
Virtual research assistants: Replacing human... Hasler, B. S., Tuchman, P., Friedman, D. Computers in Human Behaviour, Available online 5 March 2013 2013

pdf (765 KB)

The impact of cookie deletion on site-server... Comscore 2011
The impact of cookie deletion on the accuracy... Abraham, Ma., Meierhoefer, C., Lipsman, A. Comscore 2007
WEBDATANET: web-based data-collection methodological... de Pedraza, P. Core Group Meeting End of the 1st Grant Period, Brussels 20 June, 2012 2012

Pdf (281 kb)

Interactivity in self-administered surveys... Suarez Vazquez, A., Garcia Rodriguez, N., Alvarez, M. B. CUADERNOS DE ECONOMIA Y DIRECCION DE LA EMPRESA, 41, pp. 69-92 2009
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pdf (99 kb)


Web based survey: an emerging tool Srivenkataramana, T., Saisree, M. Dharana, 3, 2, pp. 51-56 2009

pdf (2,12 MB)

Social Networking Sites: Evaluating and... Redmond, F. Dissertation. Dublin Institute of Technology, 2010. 2010

pdf (4.237 kb)

Recruiting for addiction research via Facebook... Thornton, L. K.; Harris, K.; Baker, A.; Johnson, M.; Kay-Lambkin, F. J. Drug and Alcohol Review, Article first published online: 14 JUL 2015 2015
Testing for the survey mode effect on contingent... Marta-Pedroso, C., Freitas, H., Domingos, T. Ecological Economics 2007

pdf (753k)

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pdf (2,27 MB)

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pdf (229k)

Online Questionnaires for Outbreak Investigations... Parry, A. E.; Johnson, D. R.; Byron-Gray, K.; Raupach, J. C. A.; McPherson, M. Epidemiology; 22, 6, pp. 875-876 2011 pdf 433 KB
Can online panels be truly global? Shashkin, A. V. ESOMAR Congress 2008 2008
640 Current trends in management of high... Briganti, A., Isbarn, H., Ost, P., Ploussard, G., Sooriakumaran, P., Van Den Bergh, R.C.N., Van Oort, I.M., Yossepowitch, O., Sedelaar, M., Giannarini, G. European Supplements, 13 ,1 2014
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Eurobarometer Special surveys: Special Eurobarometer... European Commission 2012

PDF (7,24 mb)

Eurobarometer Special surveys: EB75.1 E-... European Commission 2011

PDF (4,56 mb)

Boosting Web pick-up Rates by referring... Falnes-Dalheim, E., Haraldsen, G., Sundvoll, A. European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, 2012 2012

pdf (140 KB)

What can be said about quality in the Central... Falnes-Dalheim, E., Pedersen, H. E. European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, 2012 2012

pdf (98 KB)

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