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Which open source software?

The number of open source web survey software is surprisingly small. In addition, the existing solutions are relatively limited.

It is somehow unclear why is this area so weakly covered with open source applications, as they are otherwise very much elaborated in much more comlex fields (e.g. Content Management Systems, Browsers, Office etc). This is especially surprising, because of the hundreds of commercial solutions for Web surveys.

Nevertheless, the open source solutions do offer some decent and effective tools. It seems, that PhP Surveyor is the leading solution among open source softwares for Web surveys. It enables all basic features and it is also easy to implement.

However, even with this software, it is still relatively awkward in changing the layout. It also does not support multi-person and multi-project work. It even does not save the responses until the final button (Send responses) is selected at the end of the questionare (so partial responses are lost). Other than that, it is a very nice, friendly, stable and flexible tool.


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