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Murray, D.

Name:Murray, D.

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David Murray

Dave has been working in the Market Research business for almost 30 years and has a wealth of experience in many areas of operations. He started as a junior programmer back in 1986 in a small data processing team, before spending time on the data capture side scripting CATI and CAPI surveys. He became a Data Processing Manager in 1994 where he joined a telemarketing organisation running the scripting and
data processing team for a 120 seat call centre. In 1999 he switched into the new field of CAWI at TNS and was a founding member of the team that centrally managed both scripting and support of a global CAWI platform that grew from 50,000 interviews in its first month of operation to a high of 26 million interviews a year and 650 scripters across over 30 countries. Now working as Technical Director at Kantar, he oversees implementation of new innovative technology and development of device agnostic mobile interviewing techniques across the
Kantar group.

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