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Electoral Studies


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Electoral Studies is an international journal covering all aspects of voting, the central act in the democratic process. Political scientists, economists, sociologists, game theorists, geographers, contemporary historians and lawyers have common, and overlapping, interests in what causes voters to act as they do, and the consequences. Electoral Studies provides a forum for these diverse approaches. It publishes fully refereed papers, both theoretical and empirical, on such topics as relationships between votes and seats, and between election outcomes and politicians' reactions; historical, sociological, or geographical correlates of voting behaviour; rational choice analysis of political acts, and critiques of such analyses; the formal and behavioural properties of electoral systems; and work in game theory, political economy, or social choice relevant to elections. The recent emergence of new democracies in many parts of the world provides a wealth of new information, and scope for testing hypotheses.

On specific topics of particular interest to the community, the Journal accepts collections of 4-6 short articles that form "special symposia." Electoral Studies permits the publishing of short notes and papers extending previous empirical findings. All article formats are subject to "double blind" peer review.

Months of publication: January, April, July and October

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