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Blog of the month, April 2012: First rule of panel management is do unto others.

May 21 2012

After picking up the blog of the month in March 2012, we some to the blog of the April 2012.

This time we have selected the The Lightspeed Research Blog and their blog article, First rule of panel management is do unto others.

In this article, researcher Susan Frede is talking about the golden rule of panel management and survey design, which is "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". She also adds, that "as researchers we frequently ask panelists to do things that we would never dream of doing if in their shoes. ". That's why they have conducted data research from panels, where they tried to understand why do the panelist leave the panel and what is panelist life cycle. Data from Lightspeed Research panels were analyzed in USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

They have discovered, that the first impression, after joining the panel, is very important. Because those, who had pleasant experience at the first action survey, tend to complete also the second action. Those who didn't have that pleasant experience, will probably never complete or attend the second or even third action. So the panels have to be well designed, in order to be sure, that panelist will return to the second action. As Susan says in the end of the article: "Clearly, researchers need to abide by the golden rule.  The more positive experiences a panelist has the longer they will be retained on the panel.".

Short statistics of the April articles on blogs in our database in general:

  • From the 114 blogs in our database, there were 71 blogs, who had one or more blog articles posted in April 2012.
  • The biggest count was 145 articles in April, on the MRweb blog.
  • There were 107 relevant articles about web-survey methodology; and from those 107, there were 42 quality articles in terms of web-survey methodology.

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Author: Marko Širec

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