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Second blog of the month, May 2012: Context & Patience: Getting your survey timing right

Jun 22 2012

After  first blog of the month - May 2012 we present here the second blog of the month. SurveyMonkey blog discussed  time variable, Context & Patience: Getting your Survey Timing Right.

Liana E is talking about when to choose the right time to start your survey. She also talk about an example of surveys and approval rates made around the time of 9/11 attacks on New York. So at SurveyMonkey they decided to test the time agenda on their own survey. As they say: "We sent out the same exact survey each day of the week, asking about a wide range of topics, such as food, cars, movies, and vacation. We found that responses changed based on what day the survey was sent out and what day the person responded. For example, people who answered our survey on a Monday reported taking fewer airplane flights than people who answered on Wednesday. That might matter if you’re a travel agent looking to get new clients — but is unlikely to be something you could have predicted.". 

So what can you do to prevent those problems they stumbled upon? Patience in case if some disaster happens (like the terrorist attacks, ...). You can wait a few months to set the start date of your survey. You may also consider the rule of thumb, where you let you survey to run for 5 days.

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Author: Marko Širec

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