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Blog of the month, July 2012: Using Gamification in Youth Surveys

Aug 29 2012

For this edition of "Blog of the month" - July 2012, we have selected the RW Connect blog and their article, Using gamification in youth surveys.

The author, Betty Adamou is pointing out the big problem of todays traditional online surveys: they are boring. And because of that, the level of drop-out surveys is increasing, companies are going back to face-to-face research (which is somehow more expensive) and the level of response rates is decreasing. This is why researchers are in general not that much satisfied with online surveys as it used to be.

That's why Betty shows us an example of gamification survey, which was conducted by her, newly established company, where they surveyed almost 600 children in range from 7 to 10 years old. The challenge was to complete at least 500 surveys in two weeks! The client, who ordered this survey is one of the largest publishing company in the TV and broadcasting sector of the United Kingdom. One of the main requirements was, beside conducting 500 surveys in two weeks, that the survey will have to be adapted also to the Internet Explorer 8. Even with this kind of requirements, they've managed to get almost 700 responses in just 7 days. After removing the duplicated surveys, they've got 545 completed surveys.

You can read more about the gamification survey on their blog article, posted above.

Here at WebSM, we think that gamification is the next step in development of web surveys. According to ESA research, 32% of all computer game players are younger than 18 years of age, which, after reading the article above, is probably the main sample of respondents which will positively respond to the gamification survey in future.

Short statistics of the July articles on blogs in our database in general:

  • From the 114 blogs in our database, there were 67 blogs with one or more blog articles posted in July 2012.
  • The biggest count was 191 articles in July, posted on MRweb blog.
  • There were 139 relevant posts about web-survey methodology; and from those 139 posts, there were 34 quality articles in terms of web-survey methodology.


Author: Marko Širec

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