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Call for Papers - Survey Data Collection with Mixed Devices ("Methods, Data, Analyses")‏

Aug 25 2014

Thematic issue on "The collection of survey data using mixed devices" - deadline for abstracts 31 August 2014

The peer reviewed, free and open access journal "Methods, Data, Analyses (MDA)", published by GESIS ( is soliciting contributions to a special issue on the "collection of survey data using mixed-devices". Vera Toepoel and Peter Lugtig from Utrecht University will serve as guest editors of this special issue, to be published in the fall/winter issue of 2015.

Surveys can nowadays be completed on many devices. Respondents can usually choose which device they want to use if they complete a web survey for example.
The devices range from a traditional desktop computer, to a tablet, smartphone or hybrids of these. In more traditional surveys, interviewers may use different devices within one interview to record survey data; for example a CAPI survey instrument, along with specific devices to measure various aspects of health. These mixes of devices between and within interviews poses challenges to survey methodologists, mainly in questionnaire design and measurement error, but also in sampling and nonresponse conversion.

We are seeking papers that highlight potential opportunities and problems in mixed-device data collection, compare different approaches to deal with these problems, and/or propose solutions. For example:

  • how can mixed-devices help to draw more efficient samples, and reduce noncoverage and nonresponse bias?
  • can survey respondents be effectively nudged towards using a particular device within a web-survey?
  • can mixed-device survey open up new possibilities for measurement?
  • how to design Web survey questionnaires effectively for use across mixed-devices?

We welcome contributions that incorporate experimental as well as non-experimental data, and are open to both small- and large-scale studies.

Submission procedure
If you are interested in submitting an article please submit a maximum 2-page abstract, documenting your main research questions, design of the study, and proposed analyses. We are open to abstracts for which data collection has started or is starting soon, but is not completed yet. The "route to publication" listed below allows time for data to be collected.

  • deadline for abstracts submissions: 31 August 2014.
  • feedback from editors about acceptance: 15 september 2014.
  • deadline for paper submissions: 30 April 2015.
  • peer review feedback: 30 June 2015.
  • second submission: 31 August 2015.
  • Special issue to press: 30 september 2015.

Please submit your abstract by 31 August 2014 to Vera Toepoel (

Consider submitting your methodologically interesting articles to the BMS.


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