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Call for papers: WebDataNet Conference 2015

Nov 14 2014

The WEBDATANET conference aims to bring together researchers and experts throughout the world to exchange research on topics related to web-based data collection & analysis methods.

WEBDATANET network was established in 2011 to build a multidisciplinary network of web-based data collection & analysis experts - (web) survey methodologists, psychologists, sociologists, linguists, economists, Internet scientists, media researchers and public opinion researchers, statisticians - to accumulate and synthesize knowledge of methodological problems and their potential solutions that must be addressed to provide web-based data with the scientific validity that traditional research methods already enjoy. The Conference will be organized in paper presentations, poster presentations, roundtable sessions and keynotes. 

To submit your paper or poster, please, use the following link: CALL FOR PAPERS and POSTERS 

Deadline for paper submissions is January 15, 2015.

Notifications will go out by February 15, 2015.



We are looking for interesting and innovative proposals by researchers and experts throughout the world who are interested in topics which are directly linked to the main research themes of the WEBDATANET network.                                                              

The following list of sessions has been approved by the Scientific Committee to participate in the Call for Papers:


           THEME 1: Quality issues of web surveys

* Evaluation of questionnaire quality / Ana Slavec (TF 2)

* Mode effects in the web surveys / Michele Ernst Stahli & Nejc Berzelak (TF 3)

* Data quality in online panels / Katja Lozar Manfreda (TF 4)

* Assessing data quality of cross-country survey research in online panels / Salima Douhou & Ulrich Krieger (TF 2)

* Potentials and constraints of weighting to improve web survey quality / Stephanie Steinmetz (TF 1)

* Strengths and weaknesses of non-probability sampling methods in web surveys / Stephanie Steinmetz (TF 1)


           THEME 2: Innovations in web based data collection

* Media Metrics and Webdata, how we can understand and measure what is happening in the Digital Media and New Apps / Félix Ortega (TF 29)

* Web survey paradata / Ioannis Andreadis & Mick Couper (TF 20)

* Web questionnaire design to increase survey engagement / Katja Lozar Manfreda

* Examining the analytical potential of Twitter and Facebook data in the election year 2013 in Germany / Lars Kaczmirek and Tobias Gummer

* Multi-Device Surveys: How Mobile Influences the Traditional Web-based Data Collection / Marika de Bruijne & Arnaud Wijnant

* New and Traditional Research with Mobile Phones / Robert Pinter (TF 19)

* Exploiting microposts as a window to public opinion / Daniel Gayo-Avelló

* Innovation in Internet-based data collection / Ulf-Dietrich Reips


           THEME 3: Guides, codes, standards, implementation and dissemination of web-based data

* Using web-based data in happiness studies: methodological challenges and opportunities / Pablo de Pedraza & Francisco Serrano

* Collecting online data on job titles, descriptions, task and required skills / Kea Tijdens

* Global web-based data collections of the WageIndicator websites / Kea Tijdens

* Web data in Econometric Modeling and Forecasting. Experiences in Nowcasting and Forecasting with web-based data / María Rosalía Vicente

* Big Data analysis and its applied areas / Rocío Martínez Torres

* Using web data for the study of labour: the eduworks project / Pablo de Pedraza & Kea Tijdens

* Web survey process and errors / Silvia Biffignandi & Fanney Thorsdottir (TF 10)

* Internet data collection in official statistics / Silvia Biffignandi

* How web-based data collection is changing the way we do empirical research? / Stephanie Steinmetz & Katja Lozar Manfreda

Voting Advice Applications / Ioannis Andreadis & Andre Krouwel

* Legal needs for Personal Data in the 21st century / Pablo de Pedraza & Clemens A. Grunwald

* Personality and achievement testing on the Internet / Boris Mlacic and Ulf Dietrich Reips


In order to participate, please click in the following link: CALL FOR PAPERS



The Call for Posters will provide an opportunity for presenting late breaking results, on-going research projects and speculative or innovative work in progress. Posters are intended to provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in the discussions about their work. We invite submissions relevant to the topics of research provided in the themes described above.

A space will be allocated for each participant. The organizers should be contacted well in advance of the conference in case of any special requirement (

In order to participate, please click in the following link: CALL FOR POSTERS



In a Rountable  Session  you will debate and discuss issues relating to your practice area with a small group of colleagues. The roundtable sessions include 20 minutes of presentation, followed by 40 minutes of discussion and feedback. Presenters should prepare targeted questions to pose to others at the table in order to learn from and with those attending. 

These formats are among the most flexible offered at the conference and may look different from the standard session.  When sharing ideas and interacting with others, the understanding of the topics by part of the presenters is greater than if you were on your own. For this reason the Scientific Committee has organized the following three roundtable sessions:

* Survey methodology and e-social sciences: Is there space for a better integration of ICTs into a survey process? / Vasja Vehovar

* Teaching Web Scraping Methods / Simon Munzert & Dominic Nyhuis

* Applied Economics and web data / Pablo de Pedraza & Nikos Askitas (TF 25)



* RICHARD B. FREEMAN, Harvard University and NBER.

* DON A. DILLMAN, Ph.D. Regents Professor, Department of Sociology Deputy Director, The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center, Washington State, University Pullman.

 For more details contact with: 

Scientific Committee:

Pablo de Pedraza * Chair:

Stephanie Steinmetz * Vice Chair:

Katja Lozar Manfreda * MC Member - University of Ljubljana

Kea Tijdens * MC Member - University of Amsterdam

Lars Kaczmirek * MC Member – GESIS/ Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences     

Ulf Reips * MC Member – University of Konstanz

Ioannis Andreadis * MC Member – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Silvia Biffignandi * MC Member - University of Bergamo


THEME 1: Quality issues of web surveys

Katja Lozar Manfreda - University of Ljubljana

Andrea Jonsdòttir - Social Science Research Institute


THEME 2: Innovations in web based data collection

Ulf Reips – University of Konstanz

Kathrin Kissau – NET- METRIX AG


THEME 3: Guides, codes, standards, implementation and dissemination of web-based data

Silvia Biffignandi - CASI/University of Bergamo

Fanney Thorsdottir – University of Iceland     



Call for papers opens                                                    September, 2014     

Deadline for paper submissions                                   January 15, 2015

Notification to authors                                                February 15, 2015


For further information, please contact:

Fernando Pinto (Grant Holder):

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