Recording of the EMOS Webinar on the topic of Web surveys

Feb 22 2018

Below is the link to the webinar, presented by Vasja Vehovar and Nejc Berzelak from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, on February 7th 2018.
The webinar aims to provide the participants with introductory insights into web surveys as an increasingly important survey data collection approach. It focuses on essential methodological considerations, implications for practical application of web surveys, and emerging directions of future developments.

Webinar learning outcomes

  • To be aware of a wide range of possibilities offered by modern web surveys in the official statistics and other fields.
  • To become familiar with the basic principles and methodological considerations of web survey preparation and implementation.
  • To understand the benefits, pitfalls, emerging developments and methodological challenges of web survey data collection.

Webinar content
  • Characteristics, advantages and limitations of web surveys
  • Specifics of web questionnaire design.
  • Measures for improvement of response rates and tackling
  • Internet non-coverage problems in web surveys.
  • Web surveys on mobile devices and related recent technological advances.

More information and link to the webinar

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