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This section lists blogs about web survey methodology. They are structured in four groups according to where they are coming from:

  • Experts: These are professionals, dedicated to the issues of survey methodology and marketing who (sometimes) also reflect on topics related to web survey methodology;
  • Associations and media: We talk here about organizations with a mission to reflect/discuss topics objectively; they are not directly involved neither in selling software or methodology nor into the supply of survey research services.
  • Software vendors:According to recent WebSM study on web survey software, more than 100 vendors also produce their blog. Of course, this  is basically an element of their marketing/PR/sales strategy, however, for being readable to broader audience they must provide interesting and relevant stuff - and often they do. This is  also the first place to learn about interesting new features.
  • Survey research organizations: We have here predominantly market research companies doing empirical research, but also organization from public and nonprofit sector. They all  have a lot to say about web survey methodology, particularly about its nesting into the research and into survey industry. Similar to software vendors they  write blogs predominantly for promoting their organization and their core activity, but doing this they do provide certain added value also to readers interested in web survey methodology.


  • Asterisk (*) at the beginning of the blog title means, that his posts/articles are relevant to the web-survey-methodology (at least 2 posts between September 2015 and May 2016).  
  • Blogs with slash (/) before the blog's name are no longer posting relevant content, but have posted relevant content in the past.
  • Number sign (#) at the beginning of the blog means, that this blog posted at least two posts between September 2015 and May 2016.