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1 Single item questions

1.1 Questions with nominal measurement - open-ended response format

1.2 Questions with nominal measurement - closed-ended response format

1.3 Questions with ordinal measurement

1.4 Questions with interval and ratio measurement

2 Questions with multiple items

2.1 Simple tables (grid questions) - open-ended response format

2.2 Simple tables (grid questions) - closed-ended response format

2.3 Simple tables (grid questions) with ordinal measurement

2.4 Simple tables (grid questions) with interval and ratio measurement

2.5 Combined tables

2.6 Questions with simultaneous treatment of more items (dimensions, subjects)

3 Other question types

3.1 Extensive use of graphics

3.2 Examples of content specific variations and implementations

4 Non-survey question data input

4.1 Multimedia upload

4.2 Other