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Title IMRO Online Survey Satisfaction Research: A Pilot Study of Salience-based Respondent Experience Modeling
Year 2003
Access date 11.05.2004
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The Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO) has been working to develop a survey satisfaction template that member organizations can use to evaluate the effectiveness of their online research design in producing a satisfactory survey experience. The pilot study for this program was conducted over a three month period from October 2002 to early January 2003. A total of 7,475 respondents from 17 different research projects participated in the program that was designed to explore the reasons for survey participation and to measure respondent satisfaction with the surveys they had completed. Key findings include: · Overall satisfaction across all online surveys tested was 70% Top Two Box 1 · “Time and effort required to complete the survey” and “good use of my time” were most highly correlated with overall satisfaction · Surveys that were rated most highly in satisfaction tended to be those with “community members” that were incented as a pay-per-complete.

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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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