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Title Comparing data from online and face-to-face surveys
Author Duffy, C., Smith, K., Terhanian, G., Bremer, J.
Year 2005
Database ProQuest
Access date 03.02.2006
Abstract This paper explores some of the issues surrounding the use of internet-based methodologies, in particular the extent to which data from an online survey can be matched to data from a face-to-face survey. Some hypotheses about what causes differences in data from online panel surveys and nationally representative face-to-face surveys are discussed. These include: interviewer effect and social desirability bias in face-to-face methodologies; the mode effects of online and face-to-face survey methodologies, including how response scales are used; and differences in the profile of online panellists - both demographic and attitudinal. Parallel surveys were conducted using online panel and face-to-face (CAPI)methodologies, and data were compared before weighting, following demographic weighting and following "propensity score weighting" - a technique developed by Harris Interactive to correct for attitudinal differences typically found in online respondents. This paper looks at the differences in data from online and face-to-face surveys and puts forward some theories about why these differences might exist. The varying degrees of success of the weighting are also examined.
Access/Direct link Journal (abstract)
Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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