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Title Ethical issues in longitudinal surveys
Author Lessof, C.
Year 2006
Access date 24.09.2006
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If it were possible, this chapter might set out some key guidelines for the ethical conduct of longitudinal social research that could be applied to any new study about to begin. Of course, the complexity of many studies prevents such a simplistic approach. Paradoxically, moreover, the fact that longitudinal studies continue over a long time period mean that it is impossible to provide a definitive statement about what will and will not be ethical for the life of a particular research project. In medical research, it is acknowledged that the balance between the known benefits and risks of a study may change over time and may lead to a study being stopped. The examples are less stark in social science research that involves personal interviews, but various circumstances may still affect the ethical balance of a study or of an individual’s participation in it.

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Year of publication2006
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