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Title Using phone methods in a digital age
Year 2002
Access date 20.05.2004

As companies strive to gain a footing in today’s uncertain economy, marketers are faced with a difficult mission: to conduct the most useful research studies while spending the smallest percentage of their reduced research budgets. It seems, more than ever, marketers are under pressure to retain current customers, tap into additional markets, and refine existing offerings while creating new products/services based on vital customer feedback. With worldwide Internet usage continually rising, online panel research is a logical method to complete actionable and economical market research projects. But despite the surge in popularity of online methods, telephone deployment remains a viable technique. In fact, combining a traditional telephone approach with innovative online deployment methods may be just the way to achieve marketers’ sought-after goal of low-cost research with high-quality results.

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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeJournal article