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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Beyond Demographics: Are ‘Webographic’ Questions Useful for Reducing the Selection Bias in Web Surveys?
Year 2007
Access date 28.01.2008

The main concern about Web surveys is that inference is affected by nonrandom selection of web survey participants (selection bias). One approach to reduce selection bias is to use propensity scores and a parallel phone survey. This approach uses demographic and additional so-called webographic or lifestyle variables to balance observed differences between web survey respondents and phone survey respondents. Here we investigate some of the webographic questions used by Harris Interactive, a commercial company specializing in Web surveys. Our webographic questions include choice of activities such as reading, sports and traveling and perceptions about what would constitute a violation of privacy among others. We use data from an existing probability sample representative of the US 50+ population and their spouses (Health and Retirement Study) and a corresponding web survey.

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Join statistical meetings 2007 (abstract)

Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings