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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Using the Web for Surveys of Medical Providers
Year 2007
Access date 16.03.2008

We will off er case studies of using the web in the Medicare Contractor Provider Satisfaction Survey and Survey of Provider Satisfaction with Quality Improvement Organizations. In both, the web survey is off ered as the fi rst option. All respondents receive a survey notifi cation package with instructions to complete the web survey and a reminder/ thank you postcard. Nonresponders are followed up by telephone. While the design is relatively straightforward, use of the web and telephone poses unique challenges. We will focus on design issues for a multimode survey, use of usability testing to ensure ease of navigation of the web survey, proportion of the sample completed by the web, correlates of selecting the web to respond, and procedural issues related to accommodating two or more modes

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3rd International conference on establishment surveys (abstract)

Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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