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Title An Analysis of Mode Effects in Three Mixed-Mode Surveys of Veteran and Military Populations
Year 2008
Access date 11.05.2009

Studies on mixed-mode survey designs and survey mode effects so far have produced mixed findings. We hope to contribute to the literature by examining mode effects between mail administration of paper surveys and Web administration of their electronic equivalents in three recent mixed-mode surveys of veteran and military populations. The three surveys are: US Army MWR Leisure Needs Survey, Survey of Veteran Satisfaction with the VA Home Loan Guaranty Process, and 2008 Veterans Burial Benefi ts Survey.

Initial study results indicate that the mail survey mode is preferred over the Web, with some notable variation in mode preference across surveys. The analysis examines how selected survey elements such as response rates, respondent profiles, item response rates, and key statistical estimates differ between mail and web. T- tests and ANOVA are used to compare modes.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations