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Title Using Web 2.0 application Twitter for formative course evaluation: a case study
Year 2009
Access date 16.06.2009

Most university courses are evaluated summatively. Students are required to assess the course retrospectively at the end of term by means of their memory. A better and more reliable method would be to implement a formative approach where the evaluation takes place after each teaching unit. By using traditional paper-pencil questionnaires, however, this would be very burdensome (e.g. time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly). Information and communication technologies such as the Web (e.g. online surveys, Instant Messaging, Facebook) and mobile phones (SMS) therefore hold great potential as innovative tools in reducing this burden (Bexelius et al., 2008). SMS messages have already been commonly and successfully used in television to receive viewer feedback (for an example see Miller, 2005). Moreover, almost all students own a mobile phone which they use constantly in all walks of life. SMS messages can be sent by them under most circumstances (e.g. during waiting times, on public transport, or in unequipped lecture rooms) and are available almost everywhere within a few seconds (Tretiakov & Kinshuk, 2005). In our study we investigated if a formative course evaluation via a Web 2.0 application offering different communication channels (e.g. SMS) can be applied successfully.

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Year of publication2009
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