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Title Large Scale Digital Data Collection in Developing Countries: Is The Time Right?
Year 2009
Access date 13.08.2009
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Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is a governmental organization, mandated to publish official statistics in South Africa. Stats SA has recognized the value of digital data capture and thus has, with Easy Capture, collaborated in this paper to explore the viability of digital data capture (DDC) in developing countries for large scale household surveys. The methods for DDC were to use the Easy Capture system. Easy Captures past survey operations in combination with the Quarterly Labor Force Survey (QLFS) pilot formed the methodological design. The results with regard to the digital interface and skip pattern effectiveness; data exporting into pre-determined data template; enumerator adaption to digital system; in-field response to device usage; speed of data transfer from device to server; all contributed positively to the viability of DDC. The condition of the data results was the only area where there were errors. However, these were seen to be more related to user error and training constraints rather than technological issues. From a macro technological perspective and micro systems perspective it can be conclude that the time is right for DDC. From a National Statistical Organization (NSO) perspective the benefits that DDC can bring are highly significant and widespread. The time is right technologically, but what is needed is commitment from NSO‟s to build systems with private enterprise in highly collaborative efforts. Only then will the technology serve statistics as it should.

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