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Title Comparative analysis among open source and commercial software for the development of electronic questionnaires for statistical surveys
Year 2009
Access date 13.08.2009

This study is aimed at evaluating the capabilities of open source software to satisfy technical and methodological requirements for the development of electronic questionnaires for statistical surveys. In other words, to understand whether they could offer a reduction in license costs still guaranteeing high levels of efficiency and usability quite similar to those offered by commercial software. To this aim, some open source software were compared with Blaise, which is a commercial software used by many National Statistics Institutes (NSIs) since its functionalities and characteristics can be considered standards to be observed by software for CAI applications. The comparative analysis consisted in developing, with the selected open source software, a prototype of an electronic questionnaire containing a minimum set of functionalities that a CAI questionnaire should carry out. As the selected software were not able to satisfy this minimum set, we designed and implemented a possible strategy to develop, in-house, an ad-hoc product based on XM (eXtensible Markup Language Database Theory.

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Year of publication2009
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