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Title Web-based Surveys in Logistics Research: An Empirical Application
Source In: Kotzab, H., Seuring, S., Mueller, M. and Reiner, G. (eds.): Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management. Physica-Verlag HD.
Year 2006
Access date 08.09.2009

The use of surveys continues to lead logistics and supply chain management research. We discuss the use of Internet or Web-based surveys as an alternative to traditional survey methods in the context of a Web-based empirical study to identify advantages, disadvantages and limitations of this approach. We demonstrate that this approach has numerous technological and methodological advantages to improve not only internal validity but also external validity. Based on a literature survey, we identify different advantages and validate them by presenting the results of a Web-based survey that was conducted in a typical logistics research setting.

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Year of publication2006
Bibliographic typeBook section
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