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Title Turning Grid Questions into Sequences in Business Web Surveys
Author Haraldsen, G., Bergstrøm, Y.
Year 2009
Access date 30.09.2009

One kind of questions which are more common in business surveys than in household surveys are grid questions. Grid questions in business surveys are generally also more complicated in business surveys because they ask a set of questions for different product or services while grids in household surveys most often are a set of statements or questions with a common response scale. In addition to this, the number of products or services reported will vary from one establishment to another.

In order to avoid horizontal and vertical scrolling the question posed for each product or service is commonly split into individual sequences in web surveys. This was done in the web version of the Norwegian Truck Survey, while the original table layout was kept in the paper version. Both modes were used in the survey.

Based on data from the survey itself and the different follow up studies we will invite to a general discussion about how grid questions in business surveys should be presented.

The results indicated that the sequential approach led to an underreporting of transport services. The reasons why were first studied in a follow up survey. At the time of the presentation we also expect to have conducted some experiments that test different approaches to the problem.

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Year of publication2009
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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