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Title Recruiting Probability-Based Web Panel Members Using an Address-Based Sample Frame: Results from a Pilot Study Conducted by Knowledge Networks
Year 2009
Access date 04.11.2009

Address-based sample (ABS) frames have emerged as a solution to shrinking RDD frame coverage due to cell-phone-only households. The Knowledge Networks (KN) probabili-ty-based online KnowledgePanel® has used RDD frames for telephone recruiting since 1999. In 2008, KN conducted a pilot study (n= 10,000) to recruit panelists via mail using an ABS frame. KN developed and tested recruitment materials (advance postcard, initial mailer, non-respondent mailer), and tested a protocol for a mailing strategy with tele-phone follow-up. Half the sample was mailed the advance postcard, half received no ad-vance postcard. Randomized portions of each half received a $5 cash incentive, $1, or $0. Non-respondents with a landline match received a recruitment telephone call; the rest were mailed a final reminder letter. Response was allowed via mail, online, or toll-free telephone number. Results are presented showing demographic response, mode response, nested incentive conditions and advance postcard effects.

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Year of publication2009
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