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Title Using Web Surveys To Reach Community College Students: An Analysis of Response Rates and Response Bias
Year 2003
Database EBSCOhost
Access date 26.05.2004
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This study addresses the issues of response rates, nonresponse bias, and response bias in the context of comparing online surveys and traditional paper instruments. Key questions include: (1) Do online surveys yield higher rates of response than do paper surveys? (2) Is the nonresponse bias characteristic of online surveys similar to or different from that of paper surveys? (3) Are there differences between online survey responses and paper survey responses, despite identical survey items? The study examines response rates, nonresponse bias, and response bias across two groups of community college students: those who received a district-wide follow-up survey of their college experiences via email, and those who received this survey by standard mail. The results of this study not only paint a clearer picture of differences and similarities between online surveys and paper surveys, but also inform efforts to equate online survey data with paper survey data in a single, mixed-mode administration. Further, by focusing this study on community college students, the authors provide insights on a research population that is notoriously difficult to locate and who historically have had lower-than-average survey participation. Appended is a variable list, coding scheme, and factor information.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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