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Title Survey Nonresponse
Source Wiley
Year 2001
Access date 27.05.2004

Survey Nonresponse compiles theoretical and empirical research by noted experts to provide a current review of the field. It covers the behavioral underpinnings of non-response, its impact on the error structure of survey estimates, and current methods of adjusting the estimation process to account for nonresponse. The volume combines literatures from social science and statistics to present a complete picture of modern methods of design and estimation in the face of missing survey data. The book is divided into four sections that discuss these fundamental issues: Alternative perspectives on causes and consequences of nonresponse Current theory and practice in survey protocols to reduce nonresponse rates How nonresponse varies systematically by various design features Statistical inference accounting for nonresponse Survey Nonresponse can be used as a supplementary text for graduate students in survey methodology courses, or as a reference for researchers and professionals. It offers a balanced approach, up-to-date research, and thoroughly modern thinking on this vital subject.

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Year of publication2001
Bibliographic typeEdited book

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