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Title Using KnowledgePanel® to Improve the Sample Representativeness and Accuracy of Opt-in Panel Data
Year 2010
Access date 29.11.2010

At Knowledge Networks, we recognize that your research needs at times require local geographies, particularly rare populations, and extremely large sample sizes. Because of these requirements, you may have considered a given project not suitable for KnowledgePanel®, despite recognition that KnowledgePanel provides the most accurate sample platform for conducting online surveys in the U.S., due to its foundation in probability sampling and subsequent national representativeness.

To address this, we have developed KnowledgePanel CalibrationSM. When we cannot deliver the entire sample you need on KnowledgePanel, this approach will allow you to blend two sample sources and results in higher accuracy over the use of opt-in sample alone.


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Year of publication2010
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