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Title Building an Online Immigrant Panel: Response and Representativity
Year 2011
Access date 28.08.2011

The LISS panel (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social sciences) is an online panel which is based on a true probability sample of households. Households that cannot otherwise participate are provided with a computer and Internet connection. Since October 2010, the LISS panel includes a new immigrant component. The objectives of this immigrant project are to study acculturation processes and to gain insight in the methodology of building and maintaining an Internet panel on a probability sample of immigrant groups. The sample, drawn by Statistics Netherlands from the population register, was stratified by ethnic origin. The recruitment was done between March and December 2010. The recruitment procedures were tailored for the groups of non-Western origin, based on the experiences with these groups in the earlier recruitments of the LISS panel. In addition, the response rates of the different ethnic groups were continuously monitored during the recruitment and changed when necessary for specific groups. Despite this response-adaptive design, three non-Western groups remained behind in response and are somewhat underrepresented in the panel. We will correct for this underrepresentation by recruiting a supplementary sample of these specific groups. The panel members of the LISS immigrant panel have been completing online questionnaires since October 2010. The data collected are available for all scientific researchers, just like the data of the regular LISS panel. In addition, researchers can submit proposals to have their own data collected – cost free – in this special immigrant panel.

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