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Title In the Face of Declining Budgets: The Student Experience at Washington State University
Year 2011
Access date 31.08.2011

Since 2002, the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University has conducted the WSU Student Experience Survey in order to assess undergraduates’ views about the education they are receiving at Washington State University. We conducted this research to develop a greater understanding of how undergraduate students feel about multiple aspects of their experience of attending school in Pullman. The survey used similar questions over the years to establish a basis for detecting any changes in student satisfaction levels from year to year. Trend data include evaluations of instructors, advising, quality of education, and ownership of various technologies. Overall, we found the satisfaction in the quality of education and advising is increasing, while the confidence level to receive a job after graduation has exhibited a decreasing trend. Over a period of eight years, students have revealed overall positive satisfaction with the accessibility of their instructors. However, currently students feel more adversely affected by the budget cuts than they did in 2009, causing an increasing number of students to make changes or consider making changes to their educational plans. These surveys also show cell phone and laptop ownership have increased to nearly 100%, while desktop ownership has dropped below 20%. In 2011, we asked additional questions to measure current satisfaction levels in light of recent economic changes and budget cuts. Students feel that the quality of education has stayed about the same, compared to the previous year. However, almost half of the students indicated that they were unable to enroll in a WSU course for the spring semester because it was already full and about 36% said this has delayed their graduation date. Despite the overall positive assessments students have about their experiences at WSU, the survey also reveals a number of concerns students have about various aspects of WSU.


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Year of publication2011
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