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Title Mobile Research Apps – Adding New Capabilities to Market Research
Author Rieber, D.
Year 2011
Access date 26.10.2011

Relevance & Research Question
Smartphones are one of the main drivers for the increasing usage of the mobile Internet. Particularly the launch of mobile apps has opened new possibilities for the users and thus has been a major part of the mobile success story the last years. For market researchers and panel providers mobile devices and especially apps provide new means to access respondents. Moreover, mobile surveys and panels add new capabilities to market research which have to be defined and evaluated.
Methods & Data
Using the example of the Interrogare app for mobile panels, the paper focuses on identifying new opportunities of mobile apps for market research. The different case studies are presented and empirically compared to online and mobile studies. The Interrogare app enables market researchers to survey their panelists in the right moment at the point-of-interest. This is realized by using functions like push-notification and geolocation.
Mobile apps add new capabilities to market research. One of the biggest advantages is the application for location- and time-sensitive studies. Mobile research apps facilitates fast-response surveys. Moreover, mobile panels are particularly helpful to reach specific target groups, such as early-adopter or business people.
Added Value
The presented case studies outline first possible applications of mobile apps in market research and discusses the new capabilities for market researchers. In addition to this best-practices for mobile surveys are shown.

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Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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