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Title Standardising the web data collection channel at the Basque Statistics Office (EUSTAT)
Year 2011
Access date 28.11.2011

Eight years ago, in 2002, the Basque Statistics Office (Eustat) began to use Internet as part of its data collection processes, fundamentally to make it easier for the data providers to respond. As of today and with the target now met, Eustat benefits from all the positive aspects that this new web data collection channel offers. These aspects include cost cutting, improving the management of the human resources involved in data collection and, above all, improving the satisfaction of the data providers, as it offers a more userfriendly way for them to submit their input. Practically all the surveys conducted by Eustat currently use the web collection mode. Structural and situational surveys are included within this total. In addition to its importance in terms of collecting information, the web channel also presents a significant challenge from the technological point of view. Eustat has therefore embarked on a strategic project to standardise and homogenize all the web collection computer applications. This project established the design directives to be met by all applications and also set up a software component repository to be used by all external and internal software developers. This means that the development code is reused and costs and time are cut when developing new Web computer applications. It should also be noted that another of the fundamental objectives of the project is to improve the software maintenance processes in order to simplify the tasks to update and adapt the programs. These tasks are standard due to the ongoing functional changes and continuous improvement throughout the life cycle of the applications. In general, the Eustat web channel standardisation project consists of defining a single technical architecture to develop software components, the setting up of a sole platform for all computer applications, establishing a single entry point for all surveys and the inclusion of new security mechanisms to guarantee both the integrity and authentication of the data collected using that channel.

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Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations