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Title Why semantic differentials in Web-based research should be made from visual analogue scales and not from 5-point scales
Source Field Methods, 24, 3, pp. 310-327
Year 2012
Access date 05.12.2011

In a Web experiment,  participants were randomly assigned to 2 semantic differentials either made from discrete 5-point ordinal rating scales or  from  continuous visual analogue scales (VASs) with 250 gradations. Respondents adjusted their ratings with VASs more often to maximize the precision of answers, which had a beneficial effect on data quality. No side effects like  differences in means,  higher dropout, more nonresponse, or higher response times were observed. Overall, the combination of semantic differentials and VASs  results in a number of advantages. Potential for further research is discussed.



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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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